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B L A C K - O R D E R - H Q
A D.Gray-man-based Roleplay

For those looking for new, entertaining yet challenging text-based roleplaying forum in Indonesian, look no further! Black Order Headquarters, a D.Gray-man and also history-based roleplay, is here for you. The basic concepts of D.Gray-man are there, only with more logic and historical accuracy. Please join, we have very charismatic Generals and Supervisors watching over the organisation~ *lies, lies, lies...*

Black Order Headquarters members on DA:
Vatical Central (staffs)
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:iconcairy::iconpsychephilia::iconhortenshiaeri: :iconjolly-tenkaijin:
... and the rest.

Taken from hyuuchiha, I thought it was interesting so I filled it out~ Anyone who is interested is free to take as well.

►►Your name?

►►If possible, your age?
► I am sixteen going on seventeen~ (why did I end up singing?)

►►When did you start drawing?
► I don't remember... At least since first grade.

►►Which hand do you use for drawing?
► Good old righty

►►Which is easier to draw - male or female?
► I don't mind both, but it's much funner to draw females with their curves... :">

►►Which is easier to draw - long hair or short hair?
► Both are alright, but it's much more fun to draw long hair. Also, it's a bit hard to colour spiky hair that stands up

►►Is it easier to draw the head facing towards the right
or the left?
► Left (from their side)

►►Is it easier to draw the side view of the face or the front view?
► The side, because I almost always draw the face wonky straight from the front. You can clearly see the mistake when the picture is flipped. Also, I don't need to make a complicated sketch for a side-view of the face, only a circle~

►►What do you have problems in drawing?
► Background, toes, full-body, complicated poses + perspective, just perspective... Also, huge muscles, women's hips when they wear hakama, tiresome details, beautiful/handsome people (what?)

►►What do you like to draw?
► My original characters... (PHAIL)

►►Are you a traditional artist or a digital artist?
► Mostly digital. Sometimes I submit black pencil-shaded pictures, and I'm mediocre at using colour pencils, but I'm not good at other traditional medias, unfortunately.

►►Where do you start drawing from? (drawing a person?)
► Sketch of the face: eyes, eyebrows, nose, mouth, cheek, chin, ear. Then, neck, and sketch of the shoulder. Then, neck features, followed by the collar of the clothing. Afterwards, sketch of the upper torso and arms, and the rest is history (??). I tried making a sketch of the whole body first, but I always end up making the body too big for the head, so I stopped doing this, haha.

►►What is your drawing habit that you are aware of?
► Dainty fingers, prominent (?) nose, long chin. Thick, strong colours while shading. Wait, that's the features, not habits. Err, I tend to do it in the middle of doing something else (like listening to a lecture in class).

►►What do you keep in mind when you do lineart?
► Not to do it in an incondusive environment like a classroom full of noisy and hyperactive boys, but I always end up doing this anyway. Never get distracted. Don't keep the drawing pen in one spot for too long, remember where to start pulling the line and where to end it. If possible, don't break any line by doing it bit-by-bit. That's for traditional lineart. For digital: have patience, remember Ctrl + Z

►►Any tips for coloring/shading?
► Remember to keep in mind the light source. Don't be afraid to use several shades of colours for shading and highlighting. Also, it's okay to mix different colours than just a darker/lighter shade of the shaded/highlighted area (purple, blue and green are ones I use the most for shadowing. For the highlighting, it depends on the colour of the light) to make the picture more 'alive'? I'm no pro, but I hope the tips are helpful...

►►How long does it take to finish a piece of art?
► I never count. Sometimes I quickly finish a piece under one hour, sometimes I just spend a few minutes on it for a day, only to continue it for a little while a few days later, and then the picture is finally completed after a long time.

►►What music do you listen to while you draw?
► I don't like to listen to music while doing things I need to concentrate on like drawing and writing.

►►How long does it take you to come up with an idea?
► There's already a stock full of it in my head, they come by the minute. It's just a matter of whether I would be able to accomplish it or not.

►►Your favorite drawing utensils?
► Pencil: Wooden, traditional Faber Castell/Staedler, 2B.
► Mechanical pencil: Joyko brand. Cheap, perfect weight and diameter, pity it breaks quite easily
► Mechanical lead: Pentel. Faber Castell comes second.
► Eraser: Boxy is the best. Pentel comes second, Faber Castell shouldn't even hope.

►►Your favorite color/the color that you use a lot?
► Errr, skin colour? I dunno.

►►Your favorite style(s)?
► Somewhat realistic, but not overly so. Exaggeration of body parts are okay, as long as it's not gravity-defying boobs, eyes so wide they'll make insects jealous, overly pretty lips and eyelashes, nor One Piece's hourglass figures. Let me come up with some more later.

►►Are you satisfied with your current art?
► No, never.

►►What kind of artist are you aiming for?
► Taro Nogizaka [Team Medical Dragon]: Though sometimes his shading gets overdramatic, I like the atmosphere he can create and I love his realistic style. His minus point is his tendency to draw one of my squicks, gravity-defying boobs, but his superior shading and ability to create very unique looks for equally-unique characters prevail.
► Kanno Aya [Otomen]: She has the ability to draw several styles (like in Tachibana's manga, Love Tic and in Ariake's imagination). However, the characters she draw are almost always good-looking (the standard/purposely-not-good-looking characters are not very well done), which is tiresome on the eyes, but typical of a shoujo artist.
► Souryo Fuyumi [Cesare]: Souryo's style is sometimes stiff, but it is fixed with her attention towards intricate details in drawing architectures and accurate clothing, as seen in Cesare. Although, as previously said, the faces of her characters don't have the ability to show extreme emotions, they are in my favourite semi-realistic style, and often with unique facial features--something unique to have for a shoujo artist.

These three are all that I could recall at the moment, soz... u__u
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